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How to make a foreplay ideal

People are divided into those who aspire to a quick result, and those who like a little sex before sex. A foreplay is an exciting game, a kind of appetizer before the main course. A foreplay is a fair game. Each player has the right to be equally active. Impatient and lovers of routine can lose the game too. Winners are those whose caresses inspire the partner and bring real pleasure to both. Do you envy those lucky ones? You can become the same player too. Just feel free to train and study each other tirelessly. Believe me, they have not always been so experienced too. Everyone once did their first steps, just like you are now!

Why sex is good for your health?

They say that sex is useful for a figure: in the process of making love people waste calories and lose weight. And what else can sex be useful?

To focus only on the fact that sex is a good physical exercise, wrong. During sexual intercourse, metabolism is accelerated. But the average duration of sexual intercourse is small. Half an hour are unrealistic figures for most ordinary people. Only young people are able for sex marathons, and even not at the expense of one, but several sexual rounds or under the influence of stimulants. In ordinary life the physical costs of sex are not so great and comparable only with a 5-minute jog at best. So do not expect to lose weight. But sex gives us much more. Here are just a few reasons to make love with your partner.