Why sex is good for your health?

They say that sex is useful for a figure: in the process of making love people waste calories and lose weight. And what else can sex be useful?

To focus only on the fact that sex is a good physical exercise, wrong. During sexual intercourse, metabolism is accelerated. But the average duration of sexual intercourse is small. Half an hour are unrealistic figures for most ordinary people. Only young people are able for sex marathons, and even not at the expense of one, but several sexual rounds or under the influence of stimulants. In ordinary life the physical costs of sex are not so great and comparable only with a 5-minute jog at best. So do not expect to lose weight. But sex gives us much more. Here are just a few reasons to make love with your partner.You can't look for signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you.

1. It trains the cardiovascular system in the physiological regime. At the same time, men who have regular sexual relations live longer. This is a scientifically proven fact. But sex is not a panacea, but only one of the elements of a healthy lifestyle. And it is clear that with a fit of angina pectoris or an arterial crisis, there will not be any benefit from it.

2. Sex relieves stress and depression. Sex is a very powerful tool for improving mood. The matter is that during closeness special substances - endorphins, or hormones of pleasure and happiness are allocated. Our brain, as it were, tells us: "You participate in the reproduction process, I approve it, it's useful, here's a reward for you." As a result, the bad mood goes away from the pleasure given to us, and we are ready to enjoy life again.

3. Sex increases your self-esteem and allows you to assert yourself. If a woman understands that she is desired, she looks more self-confident. A person deprived of regular sexual contacts, often falls into depression and has inferiority complexes.

4. Increases attractiveness. The desire to have a regular sexual life, as a rule, makes a woman and a man more to watch for themselves - for health, appearance, physical form. Slender women are more sexually desirable. According to the latest data, the most attractive women for men with a body mass index of 17 to 20 (weight in kilograms, divided by the height of a square in meters). They think that the slimmer a woman is, the younger she is. And the fatter, the older. Women with excess weight are less attractive to most men. And men with excess weight are inactive - both physically and sexually. If you want sex, do not spend time on the couch by the TV or computer.

5. Deprives of insomnia. Sex is the best natural harmless sleeping pills. If the day was very stressful, and all the time you think about work that prevents sleep, then sex will become an anti-stress drug, help to forget everything in the world and fall asleep sweetly.

6. Helps to give up smoking. If after jitters, the hand reaches for a cigarette, it is better to do more useful work - to love. So, you see, you will get rid of the habit gradually.

7. Strengthens close relations in the family, strengthens emotional intimacy. If the spouses do not have sexual contacts, the situation in the family is not the friendliest, which affects the attitude towards the children. If a man is dissatisfied, irritated, he begins to pluck up anger at others, including children. And it is unlikely that you will receive flowers and gifts from him.

8.Makes smarter and younger. Making love makes the brain work better and make people smarter. According to a study by American scientists, sex increases the levels of adrenaline and cortisol hormones that stimulate the activity of gray substance. Also, as statistics show, a woman who has sex at least 4 times a week looks 10 years younger.